If You Want the Cookie, Eat the Cookie!!!

If You Want the Cookie, Eat the Cookie!!!

Think about it, if you always tell yourself “I can’t have that”, what are you going to think about? You’re going to think how much you want it. Then you’re going to do one of two things…eat everything else in efforts of curbing the craving (which is will eventually equal the same amount of calories and carbohydrates) or you’re going to snap one day and binge on that food that you repeatedly told yourself you couldn’t have, resulting in you consuming three or four times the amount that you would’ve had if you would have allowed yourself to have had it in a controlled amount. So if you want that cookie, eat the cookie…just practice moderation so that it still fits into your calorie and carbohydrate intake plan.  

Have you ever told yourself you couldn’t have something and found yourself binging on a different food or have you thrown in the towel because you gave in to the temptation of that one dessert?

Posted: 2012-09-12

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