Get Going with Greta

Get Going with Greta


Flaxseed…why do I recommend it so often? [read more]

Skipping Meals

Skipping it beneficial? [read more]


The most important meal of the day...Breakfast! [read more]


I feel that as long as we are keeping the sweets in balance with the rest of our day’s food intake and using moderation we can still enjoy a dessert or treat. [read more]

Spring time!

Finally spring is upon us!  As a dietitian one of my favorite parts of spring and summer is the fact that fresh fruits and vegetables are so much more plentiful and tasteful! [read more]

Saturated Fats

We have probably all heard that too much fat can be bad for your health.  Yes, the amount of fat in our diet is something we all need to consider, however, we also need to take a look at the type of fats in our diet. [read more]

White potato vs. Sweet potato

Thanks to the craze of low carbohydrate diets over the past few years, the white potato has been unfortunately been placed on the "not-so-good" list in many people's minds. However, the white potato can still be part of balanced meal and is a good source of many nutrients. [read more]

Whole grains

We have all probably heard that we should choose whole wheat bread instead of the white bread. Or maybe you have heard that white bread is bad for you? [read more]

Where to start?

Often times when people are trying to make changes towards a healthier lifestyle they feel overwhelmed. [read more]

The Drink Debate #4

Probably one of the biggest drink debate questions is…what about soda?! [read more]

The Drink Debate #3

We have all probably heard the slogan “Milk…does a body good.”  There is a lot of research behind that statement, too! [read more]

The drink debate #2

Last week we discussed water as an excellent drink choice.  But what about fruit drinks? [read more]

The drink debate

The hot summer weather hopefully has us all drinking more fluids this summer.  Staying hydrated is very important for our health... [read more]

Summer Grilling

Summer is an excellent time to enjoy the outdoors and fire up the grill!  Often times people think that just because the meat is grilled (and not fried) that there are no limits. [read more]

Fruitsweek 5 goal

I often hear people say they crave something sweet after they eat or they have a “chocolate craving” every afternoon. [read more]

Week 4 Goal: Vegetables

Our week 4 goal for the Get Going with Greta class is to make sure we are getting plenty of vegetables! [read more]

Filling up on Fiber

Two common New Year's Resolutions are Eat healthier or Lose weight.  Filling up on fiber can help you reach both of those resolutions. [read more]

Tis the season

Tis the season for food, family, and fun!  I hope this Christmas brings you many joyous times and you are able to relax and recall fond memories from Christmas’s before. [read more]

Putting recipe substitutions into practice

Hello, I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving and was able to get out and enjoy the beautiful weather!  I hope that you were able to enjoy the wonderful food and I truly hope that you did not feel guilty about over-eating just a little this holiday! [read more]

Happy Thanksgiving!

Well, the Holiday season is before us, and you know what that, food, food! [read more]


Hello and welcome to AMC's first weight loss Blog! I am Greta Hopke, one of the Registered and Licensed dietitian's here at Audrain Medical Center. [read more]

Trans Fats

Trans fats.  These 2 words can bring some things to mind, ranging from a long list of “not-so-healthy” foods to health concerns. [read more]